Amazing Lineup for the Velvet Underground vol 1

1. Jane Wiedlin

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Foggy Notion

Jane Wiedlin is a mutlitalented guitarist-Singer/Songwriter best known as the guitarist for the Go Go's. In addition to having penned Our Lips Are Sealed for the Go Go's, Jane has released four solo albums and four singles. Her peformance of Cool Places with sparks was major MTV hit. Notable single releases as a solo artist include Blue Kiss, Rush Hour, Inside A Dream and World On Fire

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2. Frank Agnew

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Here She Comes Now


Born on August 18, 1964 , Frank joined The Adolescents in 1980 after leaving Social Distortion. He left when The Adolescents broke up in the summer of 1981, and joined the band Legal Weapon, and then played with TSOL. The Adolescents reformed in 1988 to release Balboa Funzone and Frank played guitar on two of the tracks. He is currently playing guitar in reunited Adolescents line-up, this time alongside his son, Frank Agnew, Jr. He is the brother of guitar pioneer Rikk Agnew.


3. The Hunt Sales Memorial

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Run Run Run


Hunt and his brother Tony made up one of the best rhythm sections in rock music. In addition to being members of Tin Machine, they also were instrumental in the success of Todd Rungren and Iggy Pop. Hunt has produced some of the finest punk and alternative rock albums avaialbe. His new band, The Hunt Sales Memorial, is one ass kicking band and is reminiscent of early Who or Kinks.

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4. Michael Doman

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Sweet Jane


Michael is one of the best performers in the L.A. music scene today. He was the singer and principle songwriter of critcally acclaimed band, The Broken Homes. In addition to having songs in Born On The 4th Of July, Thelma and Louise, and Beverly Hills Cop 2, Michael was the opening act for The Doors (Riders on the Storm) 2007 U.S. tour.


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5. The Male Order Brides

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I'm Set Free


The Brides Lead Singer, HO has a unique voice you've got to love. He's one of those true believers in the power of Rock Music, a member of the preisthood much in the same way as Bruce Springstein and Joan Jett. HO understands the power of the Velvet Underground and you can have faith in him to deliver a great vesion of this song.

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6. Christine Martucci

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Head Held High


I recently recieved a message from Christine Martucci, who said, "Any friend of Suzi Quatro is a friend of mine." Well that got my attention, so I checked her out. Wow!! Christine's setting audiences on fire up and down the east coast with her gritty voice and emotionally charged performances. Do yourself a favor and check her out.




7. Mitch Easter

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The Black Angel's Death Song


Mitch Easter is probably best known at the frontman for Let's Active. More recently Mitch has been a member of quasi-supergroups The Orange, Humble Band, and Coronet Blue. As a producer, he is probably best known for his work with R.E.M. His first solo album, Dynamico, is one of the best records of the last 10 years.

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8. Abby Travis

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New Age


Abby Travis is a Los Angeles based musical vixen of many hats. Her releases include "The Abby Travis Foundation", "Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop" and "GlitterMouth." In addition to her work as a solo artist, Abby has played bass and/or sang with a scrillion acts including; Beck, Elastica, Spinal Tap (!), KMFDM, and The Bangles. Her catalogue has been adapted in the new musical "Little Black Veil" (2009)

To learn more about Abby Travis visit her web page




9. 20/20

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I Can't Stand It


20/20's songs Nuclear Boy and Yellow pills are synonymous with the Power Pop/New Wave music movement of the nineteen eighties. Steve Allen and Ron Flynt are still actively producing records and touring. They regrouped specifically to record for this Velvet Underground tribute.


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10. The Ivy Walls

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Who Loves The Sun


This heavily eighties influenced band is one of the finest new groups in Los Angeles.

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11. Jevon Piper

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Sunday Morning


Jevon Piper is a fresh new face out of Orange County.



12. Jack Grisham

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Coney Island Steeple Chase


Jack Grisham is the vocalist for the punk band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty), which emerged from the 1980s Los Angeles punk rock scene, along with Black Flag, Circle Jerks and Social Distortion. Grisham has also fronted the bands The Joykiller, Tender Fury and Cathedral of Tears. He currently records with T.S.O.L. and Jack Grisham and the West Coast Dukes.
Grisham was a candidate for Governor of California in the 2003 recall election. In 2004, he ran for governor of California on a social democratic platform.

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13. Jonathan Richman

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Velvet Underground


Jonathan, along with the Velvet Underground, is one of the forces that shaped the Punk Rock movement. Probably the biggest fans of the Velvets, Jonathan penned the introductory notes for this CD.

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