Tribute to the Velvet Underground now in production

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The Velvet Undergound is one of the most influential bands in poular music. We've found some unique voices to interpret their songs. I'm absolutely thrilled about the people who've decided to perform on this 3 Volume tribute series.

Artists appearing on Volume 1

Artists appearing on Volume 2

Artists appearing on Volume 3


Great Singers and guitarists wanted for unplugged Nick Drake Tribute

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Rock Talk Records is looking for great singers/guitar players to cover songs by the legendary Nick Drake. If you feel you can do a great unplugged tribute to this artist contact Chas Ferry at the email address below.

Look at some of the people already involved with this project

*Check out the New Video of "Free Ride" by Bridges Of Light*


We're looking for artists to participate in a tribute to the songs of Moon Martin

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Moon Martin is one of the most successful songwritersin the business, having penned and recorded numerous worldwide hits. Robert Palmer's version of Bad Case of Lovin' You is one of the 100 most played songs of all time!

Rock Talk Records is looking for singers and bands to record new versions of some of Moons best known songs. We hope to have some European artists participate since Moon has a huge fan base across Europe. Please email me at the address below if your interested

Look at some of the people already involved with this project

Click here listen to Moon's original versions of some of his top songs


The Jonathan Richman tribute CD is nearing completion

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Many of the tracks for the Jonathan Richman CD are nearing completion. This is going to be a great CD with a lot of stylistic variation. Many of these interpretations are very unique and different from the original performances. I'll be putting up some samples soon.



Check out artists recording Jonathan's songs for this CD.


Arrested Amnesia EP now available on CD Baby And Itunes

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Arrested Amnesia's trance music experience explores the idea that life goes on beyond this realm. Jenny Redding developed the lyrical ideas for Arrested Amnesia after researching near death experiences. Her partner, Chas Ferry, developed the musical style of Arrested Amnesia after a ten year working relationship with former Tangerene Dream member Christopher Franke. Having learned firsthand from one of the masters of electronic music, Chas recorded these four songs with the help of Ethan James, known as the creative force behind Radio Tokyo and later a respected Hurdey Gurdey player and specialist in Rennaisance music. Award winning Hollywood sound effects editor Greg Beaumont added keyboards, and Kathryn Alexander added the incredible Dumbek.
Chas and Jenny were shocked by the deaths of Beaumont and James and shelved the project for several years. They finally decided to release these four songs and to continue working as Arrested Amnesia this year in honor of their friends.

Hear Arrested Amnesia At CD Baby


Jenny James album is currently receiving worldwide airplay!

Help Promote Jenny James
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Hired Guns by The Sales Brothers is now available on Perseverance Records

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Hired Guns is the new release by Hunt and Tony Sales. Considered by many to be the best rhythm section in the music industry, Hunt and Tony were founding members of Tin Machine in addition to having help create Iggy Pop's best selling record, Lust For Life. Hired guns is the long awaited historical document of the Sales Brothers soul band. The band was slated to replace The Blues Brothers on Saturday Night Live when Tony was involved in a near-fatal car accident. These tapes have been on the shelf since 1979 and this is the first time they've been made available to the public.



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