Amazing Lineup for the Velvet Underground CD!


Moon Martin

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I'm Waiting For The Man


Moon Martin is one of the most successful songwriters in popular music. His song, Bad Case of Lovin' You, as recorded by Robert Palmer, is one of the 100 most played songs of all time! As an artist, Moon has had many hit songs in the both the United States and Europe. These hits include, Caddilac Walk, Rolene, Bad News, X-Ray Vision, Victim of Romance, and Rock & Roll Radio.


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Perfect Day


Jack Grisham, Ron Emory, Mike Roche and Todd Barnes were four kids who grew up together in Huntington Beach. As T.S.O.L. they blasted onto the Orange County punk explosion. Today, the band is back to give us what they gave then. “Superficial Love”, “80 Times”, “Code Blue”, “Wash Away” and the rest of those vintage punk nuggets will be blasted live into our faces again. Those who were not around to witness TSOL in their heyday can finally see for themselves why the band spawned a generation of bands and changed the shape of music today..

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Lorraine lewis

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Cool It Down


Lorraine Lewis is a heavy metal goddess and queen of MTV. Her hugely successful band was named for the Velvet Underground song Femme Fatale. Since Femme Fatale went their separate ways, Lorraine has recorded sevral solo albums and is currently writing songs for the Nashville market. This is such a great song for her to cover. I'm sure the final recording will be a blast to listen to.

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Tony Sales

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White Light White Heat


Tony Sales and his brother Hunt are probably the best rhythm section in music today. In addition to playing with Todd Rundgen's Utopia and creating the sound of Iggy Pop's best selling record, Lust For Life, they were founding members of Tin machine. Having been a part of the NY music scene, Tony was in the same circles as the Velvet Underground and understands the vibe of this music better than most.

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Madelynn Von Ritz

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Femme Fatale


Madelynn's life should be chronicled in a book. She won't let me talk about her close freindships with many music business legends, but I will say this. She was present at some of the most important recording sessions in rock music history. She's an incredibly creative visual artist and songwriter. At the request of Boyce and Hart, Madelynn wrote Teeny Tiny Gnome for The Monkees. Her voice is perfect for Femme Fatale.






Robert Swipe

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Venus In Furs


I was listening to Robert Swipe on the computer when Jenny came in. She sat down, listened for a minute and said, "this guy is about to do something incredible. Stick with him cause you don't want to miss it."

On thing I'm certain of. He's going to absolutely kill on this song, so stay tuned.

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Jenny James

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Jenny James is a powerful singer songwriter. Her songs have been covered by many Nashville artiste including Tanya Tucker. Her version of the Jagger/Richard song Satisfaction is currently receiving worldwide radio airplay.

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My Stupid Brother

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I'm Sticking With You


My Stupid Brother will add some fun to the only track ever sung by Maureen Tucker.

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Roman Wall featuring Marc Pritchard

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What Goes On


A constant on the Los Angeles Underground scene, Mark Pritchard has established himself as stylish and inspirational guitar player. Mark has collaborated with Falling James and the Leaving Trains, Nikki Sudden and the Jacobites and El Vez.

His band, Roman Wall's version of "What Goes On" captures the spirit of The Velvets.


Blue Jungle

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Someone recently brought this band to my attention as a band with an artistic vibe similar to The Velvet Underground. They have a very unique and original sound that you're sure to love.

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Bad mad Bird

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After Hours


Bad Mad Bird is another project of Blue Jungle member, Yayo.

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The Ivy Walls

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Who Loves The Sun


This heavily eighties influenced band is one of the finest new groups in Los Angeles.

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Jevon Piper

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Sunday Morning


Jevon Piper is a fresh new face out of Orange County.