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Shawn Phillips

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To Be Decided


One of the top selling artists on A&M records, Shawn Phillips has a huge worldwide following. He helped Joni Mitchell learn guitar and gave George Harrison sitar lessons. He sang on the Beatles’ “Lovely Rita (Meter Maid)” from their “Sgt. Pepper’s” album. He hung out with the Greenwich Village crowd in the heyday of Hardin, Havens, van Ronk and Dylan; and shared living space in London with Donovan and Paul Simon. He performed at Britain’s pivotal Isle of Wight concert. He was initially cast to play the lead in the original “Jesus Christ Superstar,” though he ended up not doing the role. The late rock promoter Bill Graham called him “the best-kept secret in the music business.”

Shawns entire catalog is available at www.shawnphillips.com


Simon Lynge

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Fruit Tree


When you hear Simon Lynge, you recognize the extraordinary. In Simon’s music there is a deep down connection to the golden source of great songs. With his debut album, A Beautiful Way To Drown, The Gold Rush Is On.

Check them out at www.simonlyngemusic.com


Inger Lorre

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Clothes Of Sand


Iger is primarily known as the lead singer of The Nymphs. She also released a solo album, Transdcendental Medication, in 1999 and co-wrote and appeared on Jeff Buckly's Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk. Recently Inger composed music for The Jesus Factor and performed a duet with Henry Rollins for the film.

Visit Inger Lorre on myspace







Stuart Anthony

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Pink Moon


One of the finest guitarests and singers in the UK, Stuarts new album, House Of The Sun is currently available worldwide.

Check him out at myspace.com/stuartanthony


Marcos Lopez-Iglesias

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Place To Be


Marcos has Played drums with Duran Duran and Limahl of Kajagoogoo. Currently he is producing a solo album.

Check them out at www.musicbymarcos.com


Dana Tupinamba

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With her debut album Rain of Peace brings the young songwriter Dana Tupinamba, with a delicate voice and warm guitar playing, a fine blend of lyrical, atmospheric and melodic songs guiding the listeners to a landscape of peace and magic. Dana composes her songs in Portuguese and English and currently she is producing her new album Sounds of the Nature.

Listen to Rain Of Peace at www.danatupinamba.com



Jim Bybee

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River Man


Solo guitarist Jim Bybee plays an evocative blend of styles from pop, rock, and folk to blues and jazz. His superb technique and cutting-edge electronics transform a single instrument into a "guitar orchestra," all while retaining the intimacy of a solo acoustic guitar performance.

Check him out at www.jimbybeemusic.com


Bridges Of Light

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Free Ride


This amazing band from Canada sounds like some one mixed The Doors and Pentagle. Wow!

Take A Listen www.bridgesoflight.ca

*Check out the New Video of "Free Ride" by Bridges Of Light*



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Black Eyed Dog


Micheal ann is one of the best singers currently performing the Americana Genre.

Check her out at www.myspace.com/michaelannmusic


James Hurley

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Saturday Sun


Recently named by Folkworks magazine as "One of the Top Ten Live Acoustic Male Singer-Songwriters in L.A." James Hurley's eloquent guitar, smooth voice, and masterful writing combine to create a seductive blend of jazzy, blues-pop-folk that has been called "Sting meets the Beatles...Clapton makes the introductions". His third solo release “Tempest in a teacup” reinforces his well-deserved reputation as a consistently compelling artist whose music is a reflection of the life he lives.

Check him out at www.jameshurleymusic.com



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Time Will Tell Me

"New York's new Jet boy.... Whispy, Floating in a tin can music that really, really rocks!" The Village Voice.
Since his first deal with Warner Bros Saphin continues to rise as a respected and accomplished singer/songwriter/performer and producer in the modern music business.
His most recent extracurricular endeavor, "The Eons", has been with Earl Slick. Slick and Saphin deliver driving, edgy rock performances in an innovative, evocative and altogether seductive sonic and visual package ready for silver screens, tv screens and arena stages alike. This tenacious team has already produced the current fan favorite "I.C.U.".

Check him out at www.myspace.com/saphin