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Jose Cruz

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Cadillac Walk


This kick ass punk rocker from Orange County never fails to pull out all the stops. Recently he's been producing tracks for Jimmy Ashhurst, Tony Sales, Frank Agnew, and Robert Swipe.


Check them out at myspace.com/aboynamedho

Paul Manousos

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Bad Case Of Lovin' You


"The first thing that immediately grabs listeners attention is Paul Manousos' voice, for he can belt out a song like nobody's business. The second is his chameleon-like style, for although the singer/songwriter has invariably been tagged either folk or Americana, those labels tell only half the tale. In fact, Manousos is best described as the bastard child of Suede and early Thin Lizzy, but reared among the rolling fields of the American heartland."
Jo Anne Greene
All Music Guide

Check Paul out at paulmanousos.com


Madelynn Von Ritz

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Hot Nite In Dallas


Madelynn's life should be chronicled in a book. She won't let me talk about her close freindships with many music business legends, but I will say this. She was present at some of the most important recording sessions in rock music history. She's an incredibly creative visual artist and songwriter. At the request of Boyce and Hart, Madelynn wrote Teeny Tiny Gnome for The Monkees. Her voice is perfect for Femme Fatale.