Look Who's already on the Jonathan Richman Tribute CD!

Dan Wilson

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Lonely Financial Zone


Dan Wilson is currrently signed to Rick Rubin's American Recordings, and the lead singer of Semisonic, for which he wrote the hits "Secret Smile", "Closing Time", and "Chemistry". He was also a member of Trip Shakespeare.
Dan is perhaps best known currently for the number of songs he co-wrote with the Dixie Chicks' 2006 album Taking the Long Way, which garnered the coveted Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards, including "Not Ready to Make Nice", for which he won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year along with the Dixie Chicks. He had previously been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Song in 1999 for writing the Semisonic hit "Closing Time".

Check Out Dan's Latest Album, LIve At The Pantages



Tony Sales

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Tony Sales and his brother Hunt are probably the best rhythm section in music today. In addition to playing with Todd Rundgen's Utopia and creating the sound of Iggy Pop's best selling record, Lust For Life, they were founding members of Tin Machine. Reno gives Tony a chance to showcase his great singing and guitar playing in addition to his unique bass playing style.

The Sales Brothers new CD, The Hired Guns, is now available on our sister label

Perseverance Records.






Inger Lorre

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I'm Straight


Inger is primarily known as the lead singer of The Nymphs. She also released a solo album, Transdcendental Medication, in 1999 and co-wrote and appeared on Jeff Buckly's Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk. Recently Inger composed music for The Jesus Factor and performed a duet with Henry Rollins for the film.

Visit Inger Lorre on myspace









Temple of Ho

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She Cracked


Jose Cruz is a legend in Southern California. It's about time the rest of

you discovered him.

Check him out at myspace.com/aboynamedho


The Little Girls

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The Beach


I've loved this band since the days of Madame Wong's!

Check Them out at www.myspace.com/caronmurray


The Fabulous Miss Wendy

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Pablo Picasso


Miss Wendy has a very unique punk-based theatrical show. She's as talented as she is sexy. Her new CD is available everywhere.

Miss Wendy's web site is at thefabulousmisswendy.com







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Vampire Girl


Based in Los Angeles during the first wave of punk rock bands, SHOCK was written up many times as America's answer to the Sex Pistols, Generation X and the Clash rolled into one band.

You can learn more about Shock at www.myspace.com/shockkbd






Jenny James

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That Summer Feeling


The soft, mysterious voice of Arrested Amnesia's Jenny James gives a trance vibe to this favorite.

You can listen to their current EP at myspace.com/arrestedamnesia





Janinne Brooks

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Janinne Brooks is one of the great performance artists of our generation. She has a large following in Southern California and has opened for Jonathan and Exene Cervenka.

Daren Chadwick and Janinne own our sister label KC records.



My Stupid Brother

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Ice Cream Man


My Stupid Brother are the kings of the Santa Cruz alternative scene. The best teenage songwriters you'll ever hear.

Check them out at mystupidbrother.com


Log House

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True Love Is Not Nice


Log House was born in summer 2007, a musical reawakening for the two founding friends.
At the crossroads of country, folk and pop music, this quiet lo-fi Alsatian band's woody songs are gentle as a summer breeze.


Photo by Dorian Rollin


Gary Johnson

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You Can Have A Cell Phone, That's OK,
But Not Me


This is Gary Johnson's first venture in a recording studio. However, he does have the street cred to be on this tribute album, as he has seen Jonathan perform over 150 times and owns "The World's Largest Jonathan Richman Collection", a moniker he proudly self-applies. Also, Jonathan has performed in his Los Angeles store, Rockaway Records, where he sells copious amounts of rare vinyl, CDs, DVDs and memorabilia.